What to study in the Bible?

The Book of Colossians teaches the principles of living a Christian life in the midst of a non-Christian culture. Sometimes this forces us to confront the tide of public opinion or popular trends. This nine-session course addresses topics such as pleasing God, developing a steady walk with God, thinking like a Christian, practicing spiritual self-defense, living with focus, and becoming a prayer warrior. After wandering for 40 years in the desert, Joshua had reason to be worried about entering the Promised Land.

But God commanded him to be strong and courageous, and the Book of Joshua shares the powerful story of how God kept his promises and brought the Israelites to the long-awaited land of milk and honey. This eight-session course shares lessons from Joshua on how to live a life of extraordinary faith. Asking those additional questions to understand will help build a bridge between observation (the first step) and interpretation (step two) of the Bible study process. Search to find your main topic or topics.

After observation and interpretation comes the application. This is the ultimate goal of the Bible study. In the first two stages you study the text; now the text studies you. Quitting smoking prematurely, before applying what you observe and interpret, is like chewing without swallowing.

For example, practical studies can delve into topics such as prayer, discipleship, parenting, relationships, how to live your faith in the workplace, and how to share your faith with others. Fortunately, there are many Bible translations and word study tools available, so you can get a lot of the knowledge of word studies from these resources. For example, you could say that within the next 10 years you will have studied a certain number of books of the Bible in this way, devoting perhaps three hours a week to study (which is no substitute for your separate “quiet time”). Thank you very much, but I want to follow you on Twitter or Facebook.

You've really simplified my approach to Bible studies. For example, the Greek Text Commentary of the New Testament is a highly technical series that would be indiscernible to anyone who has not studied Greek for more than two years. While studying the subject of love, I learned that it is more than a warm and confusing feeling; it is a decision you make every day to treat people the way Jesus would treat them.

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