What do I need to study the Bible?

Pilot G-207 pens are ideal for writing but not for writing on the real Bible (they are too strong). Can you find yourself in this story? How can you identify with the character? What can you apply to your own life? What does God want you to do? Commit to obey. Ask God to enable your heart to obey. Turn the Bible into a dialogue with God.

Thank God for the truth that the verse points to. Commit to obey and ask God to empower your heart to move forward. For example, you could say that within the next 10 years you will have studied a certain number of books of the Bible in this way, devoting perhaps three hours a week to study (which is no substitute for your separate “quiet time”). Fortunately, there are many Bible translations and word study tools available, so you can get a lot of the knowledge of word studies from these resources.

Thank you very much, but I want to follow you on Twitter or Facebook. You've really simplified my approach to Bible studies. For example, practical studies can delve into topics such as prayer, discipleship, parenting, relationships, how to live your faith in the workplace, and how to share your faith with others. I have an unhealthy amount of diaries and notebooks in my house that are dedicated exclusively to my Bible studies.

While studying the subject of love, I learned that it is more than a warm and confusing feeling; it is a decision you make every day to treat people the way Jesus would treat them. He studied philosophy of religion and apologetics at Denver Seminary and is pursuing postgraduate studies in philosophy at the Southern Evangelical Seminary.

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