How can I study the Bible and understand it?

If you don't understand the verse right away, put it “on the shelf” and use one of the other ways to study the Bible. Memorize the Scriptures so you can think about it, Read the Word. Then, using your concordance, look up the keywords in those verses and find out what other parts of the Bible say about this question or problem. Compare the Scriptures with the Scriptures to find their true meaning.

Usually, to understand a biblical chapter, you must study it in conjunction with previous or next chapters. A paragraph is several sentences of thought in writing. When an author changes the subject of emphasis in writing, they usually start a new paragraph. The beginning of a paragraph in this Bible is indicated by a bold verse number.

Studying the Bible by paragraphs like this is often called an analytical Bible study. Asking those additional questions to understand will help build a bridge between observation (the first step) and interpretation (step two) of the Bible study process. For more than 20 years, these accessible Bible study notes have helped readers explore the scriptures with tons of great information and study help. For example, you could say that within the next 10 years you will have studied a certain number of books of the Bible in this way, devoting perhaps three hours a week to study (which is no substitute for your separate “quiet time”).

They wanted me to know how to understand the Bible and they wanted me to have a correct view of the Scriptures. As a result, very few people experience the complete transformation of life, communion with God, spiritual stability and strength, power in ministry, joy in worship, and spiritual prosperity that the Bible promises to those who master it so well that it dominates them. As you learn to study the Bible for yourself, it's important that you don't get into the bad habit of reading individual verses in isolation. One of the best ways to get to the “solid food of the Word” is through “inductive Bible study”.

I tend to study how to understand the Bible more when I have a specific question about something I am reading or if I have a question about the right decision to make in a given circumstance, not every day. I've been reading the Bible verse by verse, reading Gill's exposition for each verse as I go. Another of my favorite methods of Bible study for beginners is simply seeing what other writers, pastors, and bloggers have to say on the subject. Draw a line on the right side of the outline and on the other side write down any problems, questions, words or ideas that require more in-depth study compared to other Bible passages.

And as the Bible begins to dominate you, you will enjoy the inner peace, love, and joy that are the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Another exercise that can be extremely useful while learning how to study the Bible for beginners is to study the Word in several translations. The first was an important compilation of multiple studies, which I started by myself and continued, after discovering how my mother sincerely wanted and needed a framework to study and find in her Bible. The Word Hand illustration is an easy-to-remember tool that highlights five methods of learning the Bible.

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